Monday, March 12, 2012

A Ziggurat

This week we checked out a book called "Old Testament Days" by Nancy Sanders to go with our studying of early Jewish people.  One of the first projects in the book was building a Ziggurat. The children were so excited because it reminded them of the pyramids we had just finished learning about while studying ancient Eygpt and they love making all kind of crafts.  I was excited because all the materials that were required we had at home and many were free or nearly free. (The book called for painting the boxes with cornmeal to create a textured surface but we opted for covering the boxes with paper bags because we had an abundance and it was less messy) So we gathered some supplies: empty cardboard boxes, paper bags, tape, glue and scissors.

Then we cut a slit down the side and cut the bottom off of the bags to create a flat piece of paper.

That could then be cut to size, wrapped around the boxes, and taped on just like wrapping a gift (except, you know, not as pretty.)

Then we glued boxes together and set a dictionary on top to keep the boxes pressed together while the glue dried.

Lastly, Annaliese and Bryce drew the steps and door onto our ziggurat and we called it done.

Well until all three kids ran to grab guys to climb up to the top. Then it could  really be called finished!

What I liked about tackling this project: it was simple and easy, the kids were learning, we had fun putting it all together, and we used items we already had and may have gone to waste otherwise!

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